Nursing Home/Medicaid Planning

Nursing Home/Medicaid Planning

When a spouse or parent enters a nursing home, it can be a terrifying experience. The medical issues that have caused a stay in the nursing home are alarming on their own, but in addition to that is often the fear of financial ruin.


When a loved one needs nursing home care, you need an advocate. It is simply not a time to go it alone. At the Law Offices of Grieco & Petty, we can help guide you through the Medicaid qualification process, ensure that you can save as much as possible for your family using the Medicaid laws, and alleviate the pressure caused by the cost of long-term care.


Even when a loved one has already entered the nursing home, there is planning that may be available. A skilled attorney can help guide you and your family through qualifying for Medicaid long-term care benefits and, in many cases save a significant amount of assets.


Although a nursing home stay can be financially devastating, in many cases it doesn’t have to be that way – particularly when the nursing home resident is married with a spouse who does not also need nursing home care.


The risk of financial loss is significant because on average, the cost of room and board in a nursing facility in Pennsylvania is greater than $8,000 per month. Most families simply do not have the deep pockets required to fund a nursing home stay for a year or more.

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